Scania Releases Sustainability Report

Scania has launchee its 2011 online sustainability report, outlining a shift in focus that puts sustainable transport right at the heart of the company’s business strategy. This shows the increased ambition in Scania’s work with sustainability.

“Customer value goes hand in hand with sustainability,” says Leif Östling, Scania’s President and CEO. “There is no conflict of interest between making our customers’ businesses as profitable as possible and ensuring they are as safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable as possible.”

The 2011 report highlights how Scania’s biggest environmental impacts arise when vehicles and engines are in use. A key strategy is therefore to work closely with customers to support their sustainability efforts.

The 2011 report also underlines the need for sustainable transport systems − and what Scania is doing to make these a reality.

Transport is a sector with growing carbon dioxide emissions and high oil dependency. The key challenge for the industry is to decouple growth in road transport from emissions. With increasing urbanization and road freight traffic, the shift to sustainable transport is a top priority for Scania and for society.

“I’m convinced Scania’s long-term competitiveness will be closely linked with our ability to meet key challenges and develop solutions that enable our industry to grow without increasing its carbon dioxide emissions and that also make mobility cleaner, safer and easier,” says Östling.