FRABA Sensors

FRABA sensors for absolute accuracy in rugged applications (multi-interfaces: analog, serial, J1939 & CANopen).

Frabasens 10167730
POSITAL FRABA 56cf5586b503f

FRABA sensors combine sophisticated technology with meticulous design and manufacturing to provide outstanding performance under the toughest conditions. The FRABA family of sensors includes:

  • Rotary encoders – measure absolute rotation of shafts, wheels etc. in real-time.
  • Draw-wire distance sensors – a reliable and cost-effective way of measuring linear motion.
  • Inclinometers – accurate measurement of angular displacement.
  • Non-contact motion sensors – innovative approach to measuring movement of an object past a fixed reference point.
  • Safety Edges - instant detection of contact between a moving object (door, boom etc.) and a solid object.

FRABA sensors are built to work reliably in the toughest industrial or out-of-door environments. Most are available with a wide variety of electronic communication options (analog, serial digital and most popular fieldbus systems).

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