Crown Equipment Unveils Industry’s First-Ever MonoLift Mast Narrow Aisle Reach Truck

Crown RM 6000 delivers more capacity at height within the same narrow footprint.

Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s leading forklift manufacturers, is once again revolutionizing the global reach truck market. The company released the Crown RM 6000 Series, which is the industry’s first narrow aisle reach truck with a MonoLift mast. The Crown RM 6000 is also the industry’s first pantograph reach truck that can reach 505 inches and deliver up to 1,000 pounds more capacity at height. It is equipped with forks that travel upward at an industry-leading pace of 153 feet per minute. Thanks to these features, the Crown RM 6000 has the potential to change the way high-density warehouses and distribution centers are designed, save customers millions of dollars in capital expense, and support meaningful improvements in productivity.

Thirteen years ago, Crown was the first forklift manufacturer to unveil the sit, lean, stand design for operator positioning for reach trucks. Now, the Crown RM 6000 reach truck sets another industry first with a single mast design inspired by Crown turret trucks. Historically, reach trucks have been built with dual upright masts, such as the Crown RR 5700 Series that continues to serve customers today.

The lift height and capacity qualifications of the Crown RM 6000 enable customers to gain greater flexibility throughout the warehouse by allowing most loads to be placed at any height and/or at any open slot. They also can help deliver significant financial benefits related to warehouse design and construction. Crown has calculated potential capital savings of approximately $2.6 million on a 250,000-square-foot freezer warehouse by building up and not out thanks to the Crown RM 6000 lift heights and capacities.

“We know that the forklift fleet impacts the design and operation of a warehouse. Specifically, warehouse designers have had to choose where to compromise – reach height, reach capacity or truck footprint,” said Maria Schwieterman, product manager, Crown Equipment. “The Crown RM 6000 changes everything at a time when our customers are looking to maximize existing space. Warehouse managers can gain 15% more pallet positions simply by filling open slots at the top of racks. And, it’s all achieved by a reach truck that delivers exceptional visibility, controllability and performance.”

Visibility is notably better on the Crown RM 6000 at height, eye and ground levels. The MonoLift mast is offset seven inches to the left of the operator and narrows the higher it goes. Further, Crown reshaped the reach carriage to create a larger window at eye level giving the operator a better view of fork tips and load. The load backrest was modified by designing a notch in the upper right-hand corner so that operators could easily scan at ground level from their position in the forklift.

Crown also responded to common operator controllability challenges associated with mast sway and twisting when managing heavier loads at high heights. Specifically, the rigid design of the MonoLift mast on the Crown RM 6000 is rooted in the boxed-in cross section construction that was originally developed for the company’s turret trucks. In addition, the Crown RM 6000 features a reach sense technology that provides a soft start and stop when using the pantograph reach mechanism.

Controllability is further enhanced via Crown OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control. The traction control system is designed to assist the truck from slipping on wet, dusty or sealed floors. By reducing tire spin during acceleration and preventing wheel lock-up during braking, the system reduces slipping and sliding. This decreases tire wear, increases efficiency, helps reduce the risk of accidents and product damage, and improves operator confidence in slick conditions, such as refrigerated or freezer applications. The OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control was first brought to the market in 2009 on the Crown RR 5700 reach truck.

The Crown RM 6000 Series features standard AC motors, regenerative brakes and lowering system, and electronic steering. These features, combined with the option to use a larger battery, position the Crown RM 6000 for energy savings and run time improvements of 25 percent or more depending on the application.