New Terex Hydraulic Lifts Feature Light-Weight Design

Terex designed its new hydraulic lift to be light weight, yet durable, to help reduce fuel consumption.

Terex Utilities announces two new weight-reduced hydraulic lift options for Terex Hi-Ranger aerial devices. Compared to traditional lifts, these lifts are engineered with higher strength, lower weight materials. This option provides faster operating speeds for quick cycle times and reduces fuel consumption for project cost savings.

New for the tree-trimming market, Terex offers a new transverse-mounted hydraulic lift for XT Series overcenter aerial devices. This 10 ft. lift is weight reduced to be used on a 12,000-lb front axle chassis and is an available option on Terex XT55, XT60, XT55/65 and XT60/70 models.

Terex also offers weight-reduced 25 ft. hydraulic lifts for its X Series aerial devices, including the side-mount XML and HRX overcenter material handling models and the TCX end-mount nonovercenter material handling models. The cycle times of the X Series hydraulic lift achieved a 60-second, or 22%, speed improvement and a 1,600-lb weight reduction over traditional 25 ft. hydraulic lifts.

The 25 ft. side-mount lift is an available option on Terex XML55, XML60, HRX52, HRX55 and HRX60 models. The 25 ft. end-mount lift is available on the Terex TCX-52, TCX-55 and TCX-60.