Bypass Filtration System

PIRTEK introduces its bypass filtration system which is easy to install and helps reduce engine and component wear.

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PIRTEK offers a simple and easy to install bypass filtration system that is designed to reduce engine and component wear and extend the life of oil. The bypass filter unit does not replace the existing filter but is added into the existing lubricating or hydraulic system.

  • Allows oil to flow through a very dense filter cartridge at two to three quarts per minute
  • Removes particles, like dirt and contaminants, down to one micron (three absolute) and 99% of all water
  • Features a large surface area filter with no internal moving parts
  • Available in various sizes to fit engine sump or hydraulic tank capacity
  • Extends drain intervals
  • Reduces time needed for service
  • No electrical hook up is required
  • Features single canister design


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