FTR Associates Report Class 8 Orders Up in December

FTR Associates reports Class 8 orders in December rose 46%, reaching their second highest level in three years.

FTR Associates has released preliminary data showing December Class 8 truck total net orders for all major North American OEM’s reaching the second highest level in three years at 29,777 units.  December orders were up 46% month over month, with a year-over-year increase from December 2011 of 11%, and reversed the decline of disappointing November order activity. Class 8 orders for the final three months of 2011 annualize to 312,000 units.

Jonathan Starks, FTR’s Director of Transportation Analysis, comments, “The rebound in orders to finish 2011 reaffirms our confidence that new truck demand will not wane in 2012. In fact, the six month annualized order rate of 280,000 units confirms our outlook for this year: modest growth over 2011, but relatively flat production versus the last six months. The final ruling for trucking’s Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations (with a scheduled start not until July 2013) negates any possible positive impact for truck demand in 2012. We expect to see orders ease late in the first quarter as trucking operations prepare for the start of the freight season.”

Final data for December will be available from FTR later in the month as part of its North American Commercial Truck & Trailer Outlook service.