Registration now open for FTR 2016 Virtual Conference

Registration is now open for FTR's 2016 Virtual Conference which will provide insight into the current state of the transportation industry, and predictions for the coming year.


Registration for FTR’s 2016 Virtual Conference scheduled for February 16, 2016 is now open. Entitled “The Transportation Market in Transition: The Freight Industry's Response to the Economy and Regulations,” this unique concept will invite guests to join FTR online as experts break down the current, dynamic transportation environment. Attendees will receive in-depth information from industry leaders on topics including the economy, the freight situation, the carrier environment and equipment forecasts. Key hot topics will be discussed and guest speakers will provide unique insights.

"With the economy still struggling to get much past neutral and the equipment markets both heating up and cooling down at the same time, it may be difficult to discern where the markets are expected to move in 2016. Crude oil has dropped to new lows for this recovery and, yet, manufacturing is stuck in a rut with too many inventories and a strong dollar is hampering our once strong export sector,” says Jonathan Starks, FTR Director of Transportation Analysis. “Hot Topic presentations by FTR's Industry Experts, plus outside speakers that can illustrate how the market is currently moving will be a benefit to anyone that is in or tracks the freight or equipment markets."

The 2016 format will provide the opportunity to select only the morning sessions which focus on State of Freight & Economy topics, or select the full day, with afternoon sessions focused on the Commercial Vehicle sector.

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