Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit

The Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit will highlight new advancements in battery and fuel cell electric vehicle technologies.

April 30, 2018
May 3, 2018

The inaugural Commercial Electric Vehicle summit will be co-located with the 2018 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. Advancements in battery, fuel cell and other electrification technologies for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles will be covered. 

The key themes for the inaugural Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit will include:

  • Product availability – showcasing the growing participation from global engine manufacturers in the medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicle market
  • Fleet success stories – highlighting early electric vehicle market deployments from top fleets across weight classes and transportation sectors
  • Charging infrastructure – developing scalable solutions and industry-wide standards
  • Financing and incentives – securing incentives and grants, dedicated utility rates, special lane access, and other creative financing models
  • Battery advancements – evolving battery technologies and performance, production capabilities, and a look at real versus perceived weight limitations
  • Reliable payback estimates – understanding how to assess (and reduce) upfront versus lifetime vehicle and infrastructure costs