Takeuchi Introduces New TB20e Electric Compact Excavator

The 100% battery-powered excavator will provide zero emissions and reduced noise levels.

Tb20e Ur

Equipment manufacturer Takeuchi has introduced a new electric compact excavator, the TB20e, for the North American market. The excavator is the first battery-powered machine designed and built by Takeuchi, and will be part of a full line of electric products the company intends to develop. 

The TB20e is designed to provide similar performance as Takeuchi's diesel-powered equipment. As it is a 100% battery-powered machine, there are zero exhaust emissions produced. Noise and vibration levels are also reduced due to the use of electric power which is known to known to provide quieter operation than diesel engines. This can greatly benefit customers who might use the excavator in urban environments or on a farm around animals where noise sensitivity could be a concern. 

Customers can expect to get 4-8 eight hours of operation out of a fully charged TB20e, depending on the application and environment in which the excavator will be used. Additional features of the machine include: 

  • operating weight of 4,255 lbs. 
  • bucket capacity of 1,34 cu. ft. 
  • primary auxiliary flow rate of 9 gpm

The TB20e provides a maximum reach of 13 ft. 4 in. and maximum digging depth of 7 ft. 10 in. Its operator cab is designed to provide a comfortable experience, as well, providing a spacious operating station that includes a new high-definition, multifunctional color display. 

“The product and market development for the TB20e took place in North America, so it made sense to debut the machine here as well,” said Clay Eubanks, Director of Global Sales for Takeuchi. 

To help bring the new electric-powered excavator to the market, Takeuchi will deliver the first 100 units to select United Rentals locations in North America. “We’ve partnered with United Rentals to introduce our first 100 units because of our long-standing relationship and our work together on current and future product needs. We’re excited to see how their customers react to this new environmentally friendly excavator with all the power and performance they’ve come to expect from Takeuchi,” said Eubanks. 

United Rentals and Takeuchi have a long history together, and we’re pleased to be the first to offer the new, environmentally friendly TB20e excavator,” said TJ Mahoney, Vice President, Supply Chain for United Rentals. “Not only does this machine provide our customers with a more sustainable equipment option, it’s also more cost efficient to operate. We look forward to working with Takeuchi on additional electric-powered equipment innovations in the future.”