IHIMER Exhibiting New Construction Equipment at bauma 2016

IHIMER will exhibit its new 85V4 zero tail swing midi excavator, CARRY 150 dumper and 3S skid steer concept at bauma.

55N4 traditional mini-excavator
55N4 traditional mini-excavator

IHIMER – a company specializing in the production and marketing of mini-excavators, skid‐steer loaders, mini‐dumpers and tracked aerial platforms – two years following the launch of the V4 Series mini‐excavators featuring IHI technology, prepares for a new challenge in Munich presented by the 31st edition of the bauma Exhibition, to be held April 11-17, 2016, the only trade show in the world that brings together the construction equipment sector in all its breadth and depth.

IHIMER and IHI ‐ OUTDOOR STAND FN 1016/2 ‐ will present their innovations on the most important platform for the international construction equipment market, namely: the 85V4 zero tail swing midi excavator, the 55N4 traditional mini excavator, the CARRY 150 dumper, the CARRY 250 dumper and the CONCEPT 3S SKID.

With the V4 Series, IHIMER has sent out an important message to the European market; these are machines that stand out from existing models on the market, introducing a new approach to design that involves replacing the closed center Load Sensing system with a set of three hydraulic pumps providing total controlability and simultaneous selection of movements, fast response and high work rates, with superior
digging power and speedy operations.

This means that the three hydraulic pumps are programmed to compensate oil flows in a balanced way when the travel and tool circuits are in use at the same time, with the facility of selecting between two modes of operation, flow rates and pressures, guaranteeing top levels of performance.

The new engines with electronic control units are all characterized by improved fuel economy.

Other features of the V4 Series: a unified layout of components brings advantages in terms of interchangeable and uniform replacement parts, as well as highly effective and stable operation, together with top performance, guaranteed by a simplified structure.

The newly designed cab is larger than the previous model, ensuring greater comfort and reduced stress; significant benefits are provided by the new instrumentation and ergonomic driving position, with servo-assisted joysticks, travel control pedals as standard, and a safety lever inhibiting all operations (including travel and blade motion), also as standard. Standard issue auxiliary hydraulic circuits can be used to operate up to three accessories independently. Great efforts have been made to reduce the costs of servicing V4 machines, by guaranteeing total accessibility of control and maintenance components.

Today the range of V4 series models is enhanced by the introduction of the first 85V4 zero‐tail swing midi excavator and the new 55N4 traditional mini-excavator now making their debut in Europe, brought directly to Munich from the land of the Rising Sun.


The next generation 85V4 zero tail swing midi excavator featuring IHI technology has a rated operating weight of 8.5 tonnes including cab — 8,175 kg with rubber tracks or 8,225 kg with metal tracks — and stands out for its notable power and stability.

Thanks to its compact tail dimensions, the machine is able to carry out digging and loading operations in total safety, even when working tight against walls or anywhere with minimal room for maneverability. A slewing speed of 9 rev/min and a impressive breakout force of 55 kN combine to ensure optimum performance on any job. The new YANMAR 4TNV98C ENGINE rated 58.1 hp/2,100 rpm (42.7 kW/2,100 min‐1) guarantees low noise, together with miserly fuel and oil consumption; in addition, pollutant emissions are reduced to the bare minimum, in line with current regulations on this aspect of engine performance.

The zero tail swing turret of the 85V4 is decidedly compact; a front turning radius with boom swing of 2,640 mm and a rear turning radius of 1,450 mm make this new midi excavator the ideal machine for operations in restricted spaces, where maximizing margins of maneuverability is a factor of paramount importance, especially in the case of roadworks, where precision is an essential requirement when maneuvering on the carriageway.

With a maximum digging depth of 4,020 mm using the standard arm, or 4,320 mm using a long arm, and breakout force of 55.0 kN (5610 kgf), this is a machine that guarantees top‐of‐the‐range performance; also, particular attention has been given to maintenance and accessibility of components, whilst the new rubber tracks also reduce vibration, increase durability and provide enhanced operator comfort.


The next generation 55N4 traditional mini excavator featuring IHI technology has a rated operating weight of 5.5 tonnes including cab — 5,575 kg with rubber tracks or 5,625 kg with metal tracks — and stands out for its notable power and stability whatever the operating conditions, even in critical situations or on muddy terrain.

The new YANMAR 4TNV98C‐PIK ENGINE rated 64.7 hp/2,400 rpm (47.6 kW/2,400 min‐1) guarantees low noise, together with miserly fuel and oil consumption; in addition, pollutant emissions are reduced to the bare minimum, in line with current regulations on this aspect of engine performance.

A hydraulic system with variable displacement pumps is able to deliver performance second to none for this class of machine. A breakout force of 36.3 kN at the bucket edge translates into maximum digging capability, even in particularly compacted soils. A front turning radius with boom swing of 2,420 mm and a rear turning radius of 1,710 mm guarantee maximum stability in absolute safety.

With a maximum digging depth of 3,850 mm using the standard arm, or 4,100 mm with a long arm, and a breakout force of 36.3 kN (3,700 kgf), the 55N4 is especially suitable for heavy workloads where high production rates are called for.

bauma 2016 will also be the shop‐window for two new dumper models being unveiled for the first time on the international market: CARRY 150 and CARRY 250, which are added to an already wide range of mini-dumpers that provide the ideal solution for transporting and handling any type of material on a construction site, with loading capacities from 500 up to 2,500 kg, perfect for renovation works and nursery duties.


The CARRY 150 MINIDUMPER is a tracked machine with hydrostatic transmission utilizing two independent circuits, each with a variable displacement axial piston pump and a dual displacement axial piston motor. The KUBOTA D902 diesel engine, rated 20.4 hp and generously oversized for a machine with these specifications, is located under a spacious hood that tilts open so as to allow easy and convenient access to
all components of the transmission, the engine and the hydraulic system, for correct and safe maintenance.

The chassis features a modular structure and comprises a tractor unit mounted on a frame of unified design, to which a variety of attachments can be fitted. A notably high ground clearance ensures the vehicle has no trouble negotiating dirt roads and particularly rough terrain.

Maximum versatility of use thanks to the many attachments available: loading skip with opening/locking hatch, operated automatically and easily removable, loading body with hydraulic lift on three sides (internal dimensions of body 1,500 x 1,000 x 350 mm), 180 degree swivel tipping bucket with dump action on three sides, lifted and turned by hydraulic power, HI‐TIP bucket with scissor lift system elevating to 1.9 m,
adjustable speed concrete mixer, tank for liquids.


The CARRY 250 MINIDUMPER is a tracked machine with hydrostatic transmission utilizing two independent circuits, each with a variable displacement axial piston pump and a dual displacement axial piston motor. Kubota V2403M Diesel engine rated 45 hp/33kW; controls entirely servo‐assisted, with joysticks mounted to the armrests of a driving seat rotatable through 180 degrees so that the operator can always be
positioned facing the travel direction. A special electrohydraulic device ensures that the direction of the joystick lever always coincides with the travel direction, whichever way the seat is facing.

The chassis features a modular structure and comprises a tractor unit mounted on a frame of unified design, to which a variety of attachments can be fitted. A notably high ground clearance ensures the vehicle has no trouble negotiating dirt roads and particularly rough terrain. The safety of the operator is assured by a forward‐folding roll bar style ROPS.

Total versatility of use thanks to the attachments available: Large capacity bucket (1.35 m3) with dump action on three sides by rotating through 180 degrees, front dump body, interchangeable multi-function front backfill blade suitable also for leveling soil and agglomerates.


The 3S represents a whole new interpretation of compact construction equipment and has been developed in collaboration with the University of Pisa within the framework of the funding contract R&D 2012 promoted by the region of Tuscany. The driving force behind the 3S concept is the implementation of electronic machine management to ensure man/machine and environment/machine interactions based on the reduction of emissions, on social and economic sustainability, on intelligent management of a machine or of a fleet of Skid steer loaders or mini-excavators.

Hybrid power, reliability, speed, servo‐assisted joystick controls and compact dimensions: these are the key features of the IHIMER 3S‐SKID, ideal for working in enclosed or open spaces.

With an operating weight of 1,330 kg, the 3S‐SKID has an operating load of 330 kg and a delivers a breakout force of 750 kgf.

This skid‐steer loader is equipped with a hybrid power generation system. Power is stored in a lithium ferro phosphate battery pack (Li‐Fe‐P04) 90 Ah 86V, which provides a range of 2 hours (Ihimer standard cycle) and the auxiliary power unit is the on‐board 7 kW Worms Expert 7510X.

The 3S‐SKID can be equipped with a range of useful accessories for work in enclosed spaces or open sites: snow plough blade, pallet fork, sweeper with bucket.

There are four operating modes: electrical, hybrid‐endothermic, hybrid‐mains electrical power, 7 kW site generator set.

The machine can be recharged from the mains power supply via a 16A 220‐230V 3 kW power socket, or by the on‐board generator. The battery is housed under the rear hatch and is completely removable.

The four independent wheels are electronically controlled, ensuring the ability for counter rotation about each wheel, with an intelligent drive control system that manages power delivery according to the actual demand. The hydraulic pump unit has been replaced, as have the drive chains, increasing the ground clearance by 2.5 cm with obvious benefits as regards the machine's ability to travel over obstacles. During
the development of the 3S system, special attention was given to ensuring a high level of protection for components against the penetration of liquids in operating conditions.

Among the main constructional features adopted to ensure maximum operator comfort and driveability are: electric joysticks, adjustable seat, sequential safety sensor (the machine will only start after sensing that the operator is seated in the driving seat and has correctly fastened the seat belt), connection of the machine in WEBSERVER, user recognition badge.

Close attention is also given to after‐sales service, with a wireless diagnostics system that can be interrogated using devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones.

3S‐SKID can also be operated using a remote control capable of managing all the functions of the machine, without compromising maneuvering speed, fluidity or precision.

3S‐SKID can be equipped with a GPS tracker, a clearly useful function for hire fleet management.