Mining Vehicle Component Offerings

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MICO Inc. offers a wide variety of components for mining vehicles and equipment such as disc brakes, brake valves, brake actuators, brake cylinders, fluid reservoirs and switches, and pressure testing devices.

  • Custom engineered components meet the needs of customer's unique application
  • Designed to meet MSHA regulations
  • Disc brakes include: completely enclosed multiple disc brakes; driveline multiple disc brakes sealed, wet design with tapered roller bearings for high radial and thrust loads; caliper disc brakes in sliding caliper or fixed caliper types with spring apply, hydraulic apply or mechanical apply models
  • Full-power brake systems with ABS and traction control available in whole or in part, can be added to a vehicle with a full-power brake system already installed
  • Actuating products include: air/hydraulic brake actuators designed to take advantage of available pressurized air sources to produce higher hydraulic pressures, boosted two-fluid actuators, remote actuators, hydraulic throttle controls, pressure intensifiers and drive axle actuators
  • Brake cylinders include: single piston, straight-bore type master cylinders, power cylinders, slave cylinders and wheel cylinders
  • Fluid reservoirs come in two styles - a rust proof metal design and a high strength, fire-resistant Polyallomer design
  • Pressure testing devices include quadrigauges and digital pressure gauges for hydraulic, air and vacuum systems
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