Spring Brake with No Touch technology

Bendix' EverSure spring brake features No Touch technology that fleets are requesting.

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The Bendix EverSure spring brake with No Touch technology is the latest innovation of Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC and is already being requested by fleets.

  • Double-diaphragm spring brake for drum brakes
  • Offers fleets improved fuel efficiency because of its lighter weight design
  • Extended service intervals
  • More than two pounds lighter than its closest competitors allows trucks and trailers to carry increased payload, while helping offset the extra weight added to commercial vehicles by engine systems designed to meet recent emissions regulations
  • Vibration resistance help prolong the life of the spring brake and supporting components
  • Elimination of contact between compressed power spring coils, allowing the protective coating to remain intact, and resulting in improved in corrosion resistance
  • Engineered with an increased number of active coils, reducing surface stresses in the power spring
  • Optimized diaphragm geometry of the EverSure spring brake, resulting in superior force output at both standard and long stroke lengths
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