Electrohydraulic Brake System

MICO's electrohydraulic brake system features versatility and reliability.

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MICO Incorporated's electrohydraulic brake system combines the control flexibility of electronics and the power of hydraulics to create a versatile braking system. Ideal for on- and off-highway applications, the electrohydraulic system offers an alternative to traditional mechanical braking.


  • Utilizes pressure-modulating valve with electronic pedal and angle sensor, electronic control unit and electrohydraulic modulating valve (EHV)
  • Angle sensor reads brake pedal angle and sends signal to the electronic control unit (ECU)
  • Programmable ECU passes current to pressure-modulating valve 
  • Improves vehicle performance via output from pedal angle sensor to electronic engine controllers and/or transmission controllers 
  • Enables movement of modulating valve closer to brakes, decreasing cab noise level and reducing amount of hydraulic line needed for power 
  • Works in conjuction with anti-lock brakes and traction control for improved vehicle control
  • Allows use of inching control, helping to reduce transmission’s power to drive train, while applying power to brakes
  • Works with manual transmission vehicles
  • Programmable to hold vehicle in place when stopped on an incline
  • Ensures safety by not requiring operator to depress brake and clutch simultaneously to shift into gear
  • Allows use in vehicles controlled by remote or dual operator stations, including wireless stations


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