C11-25 Combined Brake Bearing

Poclain Hydraulics' C11-25 Combined Brake Bearing provides an "all in one" concept that provides all engine-braking needs in a sincompact design.

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Poclain Hydraulics strengthens its braking solutions offer with its C11-25 combined brake bearing (Dynamic +
Parking), which is available immediately on MS/MSE18 and MS35 engines.

  • Offers powerful braking torques up to 25,000 Nm in dynamic conditions and 11,000 Nm in parking
  • Well suited for powerful and fast machines such as sprayers or harvesters
  • Also operates as a bearing support, enabling it to handle large external loads
  • "All in one" concept (dynamic braking and parking in a single step) provides compact design and is easy to integrate with the motor
  • Includes oil bath friction technology for reliable and maintenance-free performance
  • Positioning the system inside the motor bearing makes it completely insensitive to external pollution (dust, chemicals) which are often sources of performance degradation on the brakes
  • Maximum dynamic braking torque is 25,000 Nm at 105 bar (18,439 lbs.-ft. at 1,523 psi)
  • Minimum torque for parking brakes is 11,000 Nm (8,113 lbs.-ft.)
  • Total length of an MS18 2C motor equipped with a C11-25 is 496 mm (19.42 in.)
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