Carlisle Companies Announces New Headquarters for Carlisle Brake & Friction

Carlisle Brake & Friction to be located in Solon, OH.

In conjunction with the Carlisle Companies' launch of a new segment named Carlisle Brake & Friction, the new global headquarters for Carlisle Brake & Friction will be located in Solon, OH, former headquarters to the Hawk Corporation's Wellman Products Group. On December 2, 2010, Carlisle completed its acquisition of the Hawk Corporation, which, in addition to Carlisle Industrial Brake and Friction, will accentuate Carlisle's position as the global leader in high performance braking solutions. As a result of the acquisition, Hawk Corporation headquarters in downtown Cleveland will be closed with personnel relocated to Solon.

Chris Koch, President of the newly formed Carlisle Brake & Friction commented, "We are very excited about the move to our new headquarters in Solon, and the integration of the two businesses. As we drive to create the number one global supplier in high performance braking solutions, our customers will continue to enjoy the same level of service and commitment they have experienced for the past fifty years. The strength of Carlisle Brake & Friction's brands, including Wellman Products, Carlisle, Hawk Performance, Japan Power Brake, VelveTouch, and Field Pro, give our customers access to a diverse range of the most highly engineered braking and friction products available to the market today."


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