Bendix's EverSure ADB Spring Brake Gaining Market Acceptance

Bendix announces its EverSure ADB spring brake with No Touch technology has been gaining acceptance in the market as an alternative to piston-style spring brakes.

The Bendix EverSure ADB spring brake with No Touch technology – an innovation of Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB) providing proven durability and braking power – continues to gain momentum as an alternative to piston-style spring brakes for air disc brake applications in the North American market.

In January, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) designated the EverSure ADB spring brake as standard on wheel-ends outfitted with Bendix ADB22X-V air disc brakes and utilizing spring brakes. DTNA made the designation for all but a small number of specialty applications. Previously, the EverSure ADB spring brake earned standard position at PACCAR on all trucks using Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes with spring brakes.

Launched in 2011, the EverSure ADB spring brake provides proven double-diaphragm spring brake technology. It delivers greater corrosion resistance, extended service intervals and increased force output when compared to competing double-diaphragm units.

“The move to double-diaphragm spring brake technology is part of the evolution of the air disc brake in North America,” says Fernando Bertero, specialty product line director at BSFB. “From the standpoint of performance, durability, safety and return on investment, the EverSure ADB spring brake is demonstrating itself to be best in class, while offering great value – and the response we’re getting from our customers bears this out.”

A key advancement in the EverSure ADB spring brake is the dramatic reduction of contact between compressed power spring coils, allowing the protective epoxy coating to remain intact and resulting in a significant improvement in corrosion resistance compared with competitive spring brake products. Contact damage between coils leads to corrosion, which can ultimately cause the spring brake to fail.

The Bendix EverSure ADB spring brake with No Touch technology virtually eliminates coil contact through a groundbreaking design allowing greater power spring shut height. This feature also minimizes spring sag losses, which would otherwise result in force output reduction over time.

Other key features of the EverSure ADB spring brake includes a unique center seal design for improved alignment of moving parts, a proven interface to the Bendix ADB22X caliper, along with a reduced installation envelope and no change in air system functionality.

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake, a joint venture between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Dana Commercial Vehicle Products, LLC, also launched the Bendix EverSure spring brake with No Touch technology for drum brakes last year.

The EverSure spring brake, which has undergone extensive validation tests, exceeds all compliance requirements for performance and durability in Original Equipment, as well as aftermarket.