300 Below Introduces New Line of Brake Rotors

300 Below has introduced a new line of brake rotors which are designed to offer fleets a long-lasting, cost-effective product.


300 Below Inc. announced at the Work Truck Show 2012 in Indianapolis three new brake rotor lines; Dura-Life brake rotors, CryoRotors, and TruBlue severe-duty brake rotors. "This new line of brake rotors will revolutionize brakes in the work truck market," says 300 Below CEO Peter Paulin.

Dura-Life is the company's entry level product providing a rust inhibitor for the rotor and ABS ring.

CryoRotor is the private label brake rotor available to buying groups and parts divisions of major truck suppliers in the United States and Canada. These rotors have been tested and shown to deliver double the life of standard brake rotors.

The technology included in the top-of-the-line TruBlue severe-duty rotors will provide longer life for the rotors and brake pads as well as extended ABS rust resistance.

Early results from customers show what a game changing effect this new line will have on the work truck industry. Mark Chapman, Fleet Manager for the Omaha Public Power District, comments about CryoRotors, “So far, the rotors we’ve installed have operated flawlessly. We have had no issues with the (F-550) units that are running the CryoRotors. It looks like they will outlast the service life of the unit, which is what we want.”

All of these rotors will be available April 1 to work truck fleets. Pre-orders are already being placed at a fast pace.

"We are very excited about the market response to our new line. Thousands of rotors are already in the pipeline to warehouses across the U.S.," says Paulin.