Meritor signs agreement to sell ELSA air disc brakes in India

Meritor has signed an agreement with Brakes India Ltd. to have its ELSA air disc brakes manufactured and sold in India.

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Meritor Inc. and Brakes India Ltd. have announced the signing of a Licensing and Technology Assistance Agreement for the manufacture and sale of Meritor ELSA air disc brakes in India.

The agreement, which expands on an existing licensing agreement for B-frame hydraulic disc brakes, air drum and air disc brakes, builds on the long-term, successful cooperation between both companies in the Indian market.

More than 5 million Meritor ELSA brakes have been sold globally, demonstrating the markets’ confidence in this technology. In India, ELSA 225H air disc brakes have been operating on major fleets for several years and have gained acceptance as a cost-effective and reliable safety improvement, particularly for buses and coaches.