WABCO Unveiling Range of New Generation High-Performance MAXX Brakes at IAA 2018

MAXX’s new lighter weight, high-performance and low drag-torque design further boosts fuel efficiency and enables increased transport payloads.

Maxxus 22 2 0 Rightside

WABCO Holdings Inc., a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, has announced its first simultaneous release of a complete new generation of high-performance single-piston air disc brakes (ADB) for trucks, buses and trailers world-wide. Accelerating the industry’s conversion from conventional drum brakes to ADB, WABCO will showcase this pioneering suite of MAXX ADB technology at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover, Germany.

With over six million single-piston ADB systems sold, including more than one million systems proven in the field for 30,000 Nm heavy-duty applications, WABCO is the well-established global market leader for this advanced technology. Designed to further increase its market penetration, WABCO’s fifth generation range of single-piston ADB technology is suitable for all types of light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Superbly engineered, MAXX’s new lighter weight, high-performance and low drag-torque design further boosts fuel efficiency and enables increased transport payloads.

“Powerfully demonstrating WABCO‘s global single-piston ADB leadership, this cutting-edge MAXX ADB range offers clear technology advantages and differentiating value over both drum brakes and dual-piston ADB technology, which is reflected in the significant volume of advance orders being received from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) world-wide,” says Jorge Solis, WABCO President, Truck, Bus and Car OEM Division. “WABCO’s mastery of single-piston ADB technology has been refined over more than two decades and is fully trusted by our customers across the globe. Its world-class quality has been clearly demonstrated in more than six million wheel-ends, including for the most demanding heavy-duty truck applications. Exceeding the performance standards of other ADB systems on the market, WABCO’s pioneering single-piston MAXX technology is the definitive industry benchmark that others are now seeking to emulate.”

The latest MAXX design provides enhanced safety and braking efficiency levels, outperforming the requirements for all major vehicle applications. With 20% fewer parts than the current design, and over 40% fewer parts compared to other ADB brands, the platform offers superior reliability and an excellent weight-performance ratio. Delivering enhanced fuel efficiency, the compact design offers an outstanding average weight of 35 kg per ADB in a six-by-two wheel truck application – 12 kg less per truck than other manufacturers’ European heavy-duty ADB systems.

Further demonstrating the advantages of WABCO’s single-piston ADB technology over other ADB systems available on the market, MAXX intelligently manages taper wear compensation with a superior patented design suitable for all truck and trailer applications, including the most demanding heavy-duty truck requirements, helping extend brake pad life.

Available from 2019, WABCO’s new MAXX modular platform is simultaneously available in 17.5-22.5 in. rim sizes. The portfolio spans from the MAXX 17 and MAXX 19 light- and medium-duty brakes to MAXX 22 heavy-duty brakes, including MAXX 22L the industry’s lightest rear-axle brake of its kind. It also includes the MAXXUSTM heavy-duty truck ADB, specifically tailored for the North American market.

“With many of the world’s leading global OEMs increasingly converting to WABCO’s MAXX ADB technology, including for 30,000 Nm heavy-duty applications, we see generally that the significant safety and cost benefits offered by WABCO’s single-piston platform are helping to accelerate the industry’s migration from dual-piston ADB and conventional drum brakes,” adds Solis.