Bendix EnduraSure Spring Brake Line

The Bendix EnduraSure Spring Brake Line, introduced at NACV 2017, provides longer power spring life while reducing risk for chamber air leaks.

Endura Sure Spring Brake

Bendix has announced the launch of the Bendix EnduraSure Spring Brake line, which builds on and replaces the EverSure Spring Brake. The EnduraSure Series is produced by Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake (BSFB). 

  • Includes improved version of standard chamber 
  • Offers greater durability and performance
  • Product line also includes premium option, EnduraSure-Pro
  • Double-diaphragm chamber designs for foundation drum brakes
  • Meets all SAE requirements for force output while meeting stroke and clevis combination needs
  • Provides longer power spring life while reducing risk for chamber air leaks
  • Delivers up to three times the power spring life over previous Bendix spring brakes and some competitive models
  • Power spring design virtually eliminates coil clash, protecting spring’s premium epoxy coating
  • Engineered with a greater power spring shut height, which reduces stresses on spring and allows it to better maintain force output over time
  • Weighs up to 8 lbs. (3.63 kg) less per tandem axle than most comparable designs


  • Built upon improvements made in base model and incorporated them into premium sealed chamber EnduraSure-ProEnduraSure-Pro
  • Performs at level in which power spring life is proven to be up to 1.5 times longer than other sealed spring brakes available today 
  • Prevents moisture and contaminants that lead to corrosion from entering chamber
  • Sealed design achieved by eliminating park-side drain holes and integrating one-way check valve into screw-in dust plug
  • Dust plug opens momentarily when park brakes are released to allow air to escape, while keeping moisture and contaminants out 
  • Pushrod designed with higher hardness and lubricity, extends center seal life and reduces risk of air leaks
  • Spring park-side spring housing is “Ecoated” to offer improved corrosion resistance
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