Meritor EX+ Air Disc Brake

The Meritor EX+ air disc brake is 10 lbs. lighter and features a gear-synchronized, twin-piston design to deliver even force across the brake pads simultaneously.

Optimized Ex+
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Meritor Inc. announced its EX+ air disc brake for tractors and trailers has been optimized to reduce product weight and total cost of ownership. The optimized EX+ will be available to OEMs in 2018. 

  • Gear-synchronized, twin-piston design
  • Delivers even force across brake pads simultaneously, resulting in better performance and uniform pad wear
  • Offers shorter and smoother stopping distances and reduced brake fade
  • Patented double-sealing technology minimizes water exposure to seal for life
  • Simplifies pad service steps – including 30-minute pad changes – and lowers maintenance costs with faster inspection and repair times
  • Compatible with most collision mitigation systems currently on the market
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