Carlisle Brake & Friction Next-Generation Friction Materials

Carlisle Brake & Friction's latest friction materials feature higher abuse resistance for use in demanding applications.

Carlisle Brakeand Friction Next Gen Friction Material
Carlisle Brake&friction

Carlisle Brake & Friction announces the launch of its next-generation of friction materials, including N-680 and EPD (Energy, Power, Dense) for use in brake and transmission applications.

  • Offers much higher energy capability and stability versus previous premium grades of friction materials
  • Higher abuse resistance for demanding applications
  • Stable and predictable wear across multiple energy conditions improves preventative maintenance planning
  • Higher energy capacity allows for reduction in disc size, or number of discs required in the stack
  • Features improved drive system power output without the need to upsize drive components or systems

N-680 Paper Friction

  • Wet paper friction material technology
  • Offers up to 2X the energy capacity of current market leading materials: N-653 and N-670
  • Offers similar characteristics to N-653 and N-670 as a design replacement, with increased energy and stability
  • Significantly improves upon current materials in terms of friction stability, hot spots and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness)

EPD Next Generation Material

  • Wet friction material
  • Delivers advanced high-energy performance, reduced wear, improved NVH
  • Improved material durability/fatigue resistance versus traditional wet friction materials
  • Sets a new standard for energy management of friction materials in a wet application
  • Provides option to increase power output without adjusting system size, or the ability to reduce system component sizing without sacrificing system power output

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