WPT Power General Manager Earns Distinction as Six Sigma Master Black Belt

WPT Power's General Manager Greg Patterson has received Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications.

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Greg Patterson, the General Manager at WPT Power recently received his Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications in April 2017.

Six Sigma is a strategy for reducing variation in manufacturing, service, or other business processes through a method of systematic approaches such as Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), and Design of Experiment (DOE). The goal of each successful Six Sigma project is to produce statistically significant improvements in the target process, producing a virtually defect-free performance. The Master Black Belt (MBB) certification implies a thorough understanding of Six Sigma’s philosophies, which seek to improve quality in manufacturing by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies. The Six Sigma MBB course trains on how to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control processes by employing quality management techniques and utilizing statistical analyses. The MBB certification is given only to those who complete rigorous studies and training demonstrating exceptional expertise, leadership and knowledge of current industry practices.

“Becoming certified as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt is because I have a commitment to practice and advance quality and improvement. It allows me the opportunity to work with di erent processes and see the people involved in these processes gain enthusiasm and an understanding of how continual improvement is beneficial to their jobs and to WPT Power,” expresses Patterson.

“One of the tasks of a Master Black Belt is to provide training for the White, Yellow, and Green Belts within our organization,” Patterson says, explaining the additional benefits. “Six Sigma training and certification helps build problem solving techniques and personally involves the employees in defect prevention. Every area of our business can make use of and benefit from conducting Lean Six Sigma process improvements.”

These certifications adds to Patterson’s strong background in quality management, with 25 years experience in the manufacturing industry.