Spicer TE-15HX hybrid transmission technology

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Dana Holding Corp. introduces an electric parallel hybrid drivetrain technology, the Spicer TE-15HX, specifically engineered for off-highway vehicles.
• Dual power path transmission control system continuously monitors operating conditions and selects the proper combination of diesel and electric power
• Control system disengages diesel engine and supplies power generated by super capacitors for inching and other vehicle operations that require low energy consumption
• Controller directs the electric device to function as a motor and provide a second source of power for added torque boost and faster take-off
• High-contact-ratio spur gears in conjunction with helical gearing reduce noise
• Dana plans to offer three-speed and four-speed versions in long- and short-drop configurations with 110 kW to 175 kW (147 to 235 hp) rating

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