Integrated Continuously Variable Drive

Sauer Bibus developed and configured the ICVD (integrated continuously variable drive) motor.

Sab Prmeh 10107821

Sauer Bibus has set a new standard for hydrostatic drives with the development and configuration of the ICVD drive. ICVD stands for "Integrated Continuously Variable Drive", which facilitates drive speeds up to 80 km/h thanks to large-angle technology in the drive motor.

  • Uses a hydraulic motor with an adjustable range of up to 45 degrees
  • Machines used at higher speeds do not need a manual gearbox

Picture 1 - ICVD drive with large-angle technology. The large adjusting range up to 45 ° allows continuous drive regulation up to a speed of 80 km/h.

Picture 2 – Kramer photo

A Kramer wheel loader can be used as a fully-fledged tractor truck with road permit with the Ecospeed Fast Gear Drive. 

Picture 3 – Sennebogen photo Multiloader 310
The Multiloader from Sennebogen with ICVD drive technology from Sauer Bibus.

Picture 4 – DIECI photo
The Italian telescopic handler manufacturer DIECI also relies on the ICVD technology of SAUER BIBUS. The vehicles are equipped with this drive technology under its "VS" label, which stands for "Vario System".

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