Spicer TE-15HX Electric Parallel Hybrid Transmission

Dana Holding Corp. offers its Spicer TE-15HX electric parallel hybrid transmission for off-highway vehicles.

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Dana Holding Corp. revealed the results of simulations that show a substantial increase in the output of the concept demonstrator Spicer TE-15HX electric parallel hybrid transmission specifically designed for off-highway vehicles.

  • Testing has advanced on an optimized configuration featuring a high-output, permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) that produces up to 47 kW (63 hp) at peak—a three-fold increase in output over earlier configurations
  • Design will improve the performance of the Spicer TE-15HX transmission when the PMSM is operational and allow the use of stored electric power during more of the duty cycle 
  • Engineers predict it will provide fuel savings of up to 20% over conventional transmission designs, depending on duty cycle
  • Dual power path transmission control system
  • System continuously monitors operating conditions and selects the proper combination of diesel and electric power to optimize productivity while reducing fuel consumption, emissions, noise, and engine idling
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