LDU20 U-Style Transmission

Sauer-Danfoss introduces its LDU20 U-Style Transmission, which reduces noise and vibration.

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Sauer-Danfoss introduces the LDU20 U-Style Transmission, a complete hydrostatic transmission package for turf care machines, compact utility tractors up to 22 kW (30 hp) and agricultural vehicles.

  • Integrates a closed circuit variable displacement piston pump with direct displacement control (DDC) and a fixed motor
  • Offers easy-to-install solution with efficiency, low noise and vibration, as well as longevity
  • Features closed circuit variable displacement piston pump and fixed motor contained in a single housing with a U-style layout
  • Measures 170 mm long, 180 mm wide and 240 mm high, for easy installation in space-constrained equipment
  • Includes shaft centerline of 85 mm
  • Attaches directly to housing of customer’s transmission, eliminating hosing and piping for space savings and simplified installation
  • Uses common charge pump for flow to steering or work function 
  • Male slipper design reduces friction from piston-cylinder block-bore interface, improving fuel efficiency, reducing oil temperature and extending oil life, for overall efficiency of 80%
  • Reduces noise and vibration to ensure a comfortable working environment and facilitate compliance with applicable noise regulations
  • Compact housing, valve plate design and trunnion journal bearing help reduce resonance between swash plate vibration and linkage of vehicle
  • Low operating force of maximum 25 N-m at 2,500 rpm, 300 bar further ensures comfort
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