DT12 Automated Manual Transmission

Detroit introduces its DT12 automated manual transmission, designed to help enhance fuel efficiency and performance.

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Detroit Diesel Corporation introduces the Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission.

  • Combines operational ease of an automatic with the efficiency of a manual transmission, resulting in enhanced fuel economy, vehicle performance and safety 
  • Complements Detroit engines and axles to positively impact efficiency and performance
  • Maximizes fuel efficiency for line-haul/long haul operations
  • Features lightweight design, which offers additional payload because of its aluminum housing and single counter shaft 
  • Improves slow-speed maneuvering capabilities without compromising high road speed efficiency
  • Provides direct- or over-drive capabilities
  • Combines traditional manual gearbox with high-speed, computer-controlled shift and clutch actuators that automatically and seamlessly select right shift pattern and clutch engagement for fuel economy and engine power
  • Creep mode simulates torque converter to improve low speed maneuverability for parking, docking, heavy traffic and other low speed situations
  • Includes Skip Shift, which automatically skips gears, enabling the transmission to run through lower gears faster to achieve cruising speed sooner
  • eCoast allows vehicle to ‘coast’ down grades with the engine operating at idle speeds while preserving vehicle momentum, maximizing fuel efficiency  
  • Control module communicates with entire powertrain, giving transmission and engine the ability to share information and offer complimentary functions
  • Helical gears and geometrical optimized gear-cut optimize driver comfort by redusing noise
  • Pneumatic clutch and shift actuation provide faster gear shifts
  • Offers choice between eco- or power-mode configuration
  • Includes a true two-pedal system for ease of operation and a kick-down feature that improves vehicle acceleration when needed  
  • Features Virtual Technician, a factory installed on-board diagnostics system that takes the guess work out of powertrain repair
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