VariGlide Continuously Variable Planetary Transmission

Dana has developed the VariGlide transmission with continuously variable planetary technology through a licensing relationship with Fallbrook Technologies.

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Dana Holding Corporation announces new milestones in the development of VariGlide technology, a transmission design that incorporates continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology.

  • Can be integrated into a variety of power paths to optimize transmission assembly, significantly reducing fuel consumption and maximizing performance
  • Replaces torque converter in some transmission configurations to decouple engine speed from the vehicle’s travel or working speed
  • Well suited for the rapid acceleration, deceleration and precise positioning required by material-handling applications
  • Eliminates need for forward and reverse clutches while reducing overall engine speeds, allowing the engine to operate at its optimum efficiency level and reduce noise levels
  • Offers projected fuel savings of up to 20% for a standard-sized forklift truck operating in a typical pick-and-place duty cycle
  • Will be offered as a pre-assembled module providing a standard powersplit configuration for forklift truck transmissions
  • Premium configuration optimized to supply further fuel efficiency and productivity gains in select Spicer powershift transmissions will be available
  • Suited to optimize the productivity of 1.5- to 3-tonne forklift trucks
  • Provides power-path flexibility through a unique variator design configuration
  • Set of spinning planets is fitted between an input disc driven by the engine and an output disc that transfers power from the variator to downstream transmission components
  • As power enters the input disc, the planets tilt on their axes and change ratios, depending on engine demands and controller input
  • To efficiently transfer torque, a thin layer of traction fluid flows between the planets
  • When compressed, this traction fluid becomes momentarily rigid, allowing the torque to transfer between the planets and discs without slipping
  • Numerous power paths and no abrupt ratio changes enables an infinite number of gear ratios for improved shifting, driver comfort, durability, scalability, and efficiency when compared to conventional CVTs
  • In addition to forklift trucks, it is optimal for compact front-end loaders, skid steer loaders and compact utility tractors
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