ZF ERGOPOWER WG 94 and WG 131-311 Transmissions

The ZF ERGOPOWER WG 131-311 and WG 94 transmissions utilize electro-hydraulic control for improved machine control and soft shifting transitions.

WG 94 powershift transmission
WG 94 powershift transmission
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The ZF ERGOPOWER transmissions WG 131-311, as well as the powershift transmission WG 94 have been specially developed for most versatile applications in material handling with internal combustion engines.

  • Optimum matching of transmission hardware and electronic control assures soft shift transitions 
  • User-friendly electronic inching feature, or "creep function," makes it easier for the driver to position loads with high level of accuracy
  • Provides high flexibility and compact design
  • Include electro-hydraulic control and finely graded gears
  • Deliver wide range of input torques (from 950 Nm for WG 131 to 2,750 Nm for WG 311, and 750 Nm for WG 94)
  • Features two to six forward and up to three reverse gears, which can be shifted manually or automatically and without interrupting tractive force
  • Five- or six- speed options avaialable in addition to standard four- and five- speed versions
  • Direct Drive functionality is engaged in most driving conditions to improve fuel consumption, tractive effort, speed and productivity
  • Lock-up clutch is opened automatically only when needed and therefore operator abuse is avoided
  • Electronic inching actuated by driver via brake pedal, reducing speed during operation to maneuver in a "creeper gear" without having to declutch or shift gear, enabling loads to be positioned sensitively and accurately to the millimeter
  • Electro-hydraulic "ZF-ERGOCONTROL" provides expansion of functions to include electronic inching 
  • CANbus-compatible control unit has diagnostic interface which simplifies service and maintenance
  • Controller software can be programmed not only specifically to the vehicle, but also according to the application which makes the overall transmission package even more user-friendly








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