ZF TraXon Automatic Transmission System

The ZF TraXon transmission system includes PreVision GPS which links the transmission with GPS data to help optimize driving strategy to save on fuel use and emissions.

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ZF presents its TraXon automatic transmission system for medium and heavy special vehicles and mobile cranes.

  • Features modular concept
  • Offers higher torques without compromising the power-to-weight ratio
  • Provides higher gear spread while at the same time improved noise quality
  • Can be driven by a dry clutch or torque converter clutch, or can be combined with an engine-dependent PTO depending on the application
  • Features compact dimensions with a splitter group, main group, and range change group, as well as two countershafts and one main shaft
  • Transmits torques above 3,000 Nm, making it well suited for vehicles with a gvw of 72 T
  • Available with 12 or 16 speeds, and available as Direct Drive or Overdrive versions
  • Overdrive version features particularly long ratio of the highest gear
  • All versions have very high transmission spacing, enabling the driver to maneuver vehicle in balanced and comfortable way without causing wear due to excessive load on the clutch
  • Introduction of new gearing design, innovations for housing, and integration of an anti-rattling damper enables average noise reduction of 6 dB compared to AS Tronic transmission
  • Allows for use of two additional reverse gears, or total of four reverse gears for longer, quicker reversing
  • DirectDrive version provides efficiency of about 99.7%
  • Includes Concentric clutch release unit, ConAct, featuring push-type clutch design protected inside bell housing
  • Modular design enables combination with three starting or shift modules
  • Can include dry single-disk or – for particularly high-torque applications – double-disk clutch which is robustly designed
  • Can be combined with torque converter clutch for use in heavy road tractors and heavy mobile cranes
  • Equipped with optional secondary retarder with a braking torque of 4,000 Nm, the ZF-Intarder, which provides advantages for brake operations at speeds higher than 25 km/h
  • Standard software platform for control unit draws on a number of sensors to determine pitch, direction of rotation, or speeds, enabling functions such as the anticipatory shifting strategy, rolling function, and more comfort when maneuvering or starting
  • Anticipatory GPS-based driving strategy PreVision GPS provides opportunity to link up transmission with GPS data and digital map material
  • PreVision GPS prevents gearshifts that may be unnecessary within the context of the terrain 
  • Rolling function for slightly sloping roads causes transmission to o out of gear, decoupling the driveline during the rolling phase and the engine to run idle, avoiding possible drag losses to save on fuel and emissions
  • Topography-based control unit immediately detects steep slopes and applies engine and transmission brake instead of rolling function in order to preserve service brakes
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