ZF TraXon Torque Transmission with Torque Converter Clutch

The ZF TraXon Torque transmission includes a torque converter clutch to provide more comfortable vehicle starting and maneuvering.

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ZF's TraXon Torque transmission is particularly suitable for heavy-load applications with a gvw of over 70 T, especially mobile cranes, special vehicles, and heavy goods transporters.

  • Combines basic TraXon transmission with a torque converter clutch as a starting component
  • Features hydrodynamic torque converter, torque converter lock-up clutch, and dry clutch installed upstream of the transmission
  • Hydrodynamic torque converter provides comfortable starting and maneuvering even when very high input torques are transmitted, eliminating jerking or wear
  • Integrated secondary retarder, which is also wear free, supports braking process
  • Torque converter is responsible for smooth starting and ensures input torques of up to 3,000 Nm are transferred in a well-dosed manner
  • Torque converter lock-up clutch closes as soon as starting process has been completed so that relatively fuel-intensive driving "in torque converter slip" is eliminated and driving power is transferred with hardly any loss
  • Dry clutch opens driveline temporarily for further gear changes 
  • Secondary retarder provides braking torque of 4,000 Nm
  • Includes new peripheral and control unit concept for torque converter clutch (TCHD module)
  • Shared on-site control unit for Intarder and TCHD reduces complexity and wiring
  • Enables maneuvering in open converter operation
  • Pump for supply of hydraulic control unit and oil circuit, as well as cooling unit, ensure temperatures almost never reach critical threshold of 130 C
  • Does not require an additional external oil tank
  • Tank can be filled with 26.5 L of ZF's Ecofluid M oil upon request, making final oil fill easier
  • Higher mileages can be achieved by using Ecofluid M and the oil change intervals are extended, which leads to higher efficiency in service


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