Transfluid Hybrid System

The Hybrid System from Transfluid has three operational modes, one of which enables the engine and electric motor to work in tandem to provide more power to the driveline.

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Transfluid’s Hybrid System easily integrates into traditional propulsion systems assuring an efficient solution to green power and fuel economy.

  • All modules fit between the engine and transmission, occupying limited space as though an integrated and independent implement in the propulsion driveline
  • Benefits include fuel savings and energy management capabilities
  • “Booster” function enables designers to consider lower power engine yet still maintain desired performances
  • Works in three specific modes
  • Electric propulsion enables zero-emission and absolute silent operation
  • "Booster” function allows electric motor to assist engine during acceleration, providing extra toque in the driveline
  • Input side features hydraulic or pneumatic controlled clutch which when disengaged disconnects engine from rest of driveline allowing operation via the electric motor
  • During engine operation, clutch is engaged and electric motor becomes a generator to recharge batteries
  • Operating engine and electric motor at the same time allows for “booster” operation to increase total available power
  • All operations are controlled via Transfluid’s proprietary electronic controller MPCB-R5 which communicates with all equipment through CANbus protocol for simple “plug and play” integration
  • HM Series module is designed to "sandwich" between an engine with SAE flywheel and housing and transmission with SAE input, and can be mounted in multiple positions 
  • HTV700 model is a complete vehicle transmission product utilizing a powershift transmission, four-wheel drive drop box and brake
  • HTV700 is compactly designed and suited for ground support equipment and small mining and construction machines
  • HTV700 is applicable for engines up to 95 kW (127 hp) and equipped with "come home” feature in case of master clutch failure
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