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Automatic transmission systems such as the ZF-AS Tronic from ZF offer a higher level of economic viability at reduced weight and less fuel consumption. The TC Tronic is particularly suitable for special applications since it uses a torque converter for setting off and maneuvering.
• Easy to operate
• Prevents driving errors or/and incorrect shift actions
• Keeps the vehicle operating in the optimum speed range
• Dust-protected and waterproof transmission variants offered
• Torque range of 500 up to 3,100 Nm; AS Tronic lite (500 up to 1,100 Nm); AS Tronic mid (800 up to 1,600 Nm); 12-speed (1,600 up to 3,100 Nm); 16-speed (engines up to 2,600 Nm)
• TC Tronic for heavy vehicles up to 250 tons gross combination weight

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