BLA Boost Unit

Parker's BLA boost unit simplifies and reduces the cost of building closed or semi-closed hydrostatic transmissions.

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The BLA Boost Unit from Parker Hannifin Corporation simplifies the building of closed or semi-closed hydrostatic transmissions by replacing the conventional charge pump and corresponding valves in many applications including a fan, propeller, generator and pump drives. This can simplify the design and reduce the total cost of a hydrostatic transmission.

  • Replaces charge pump in applications where pump flow ratio does not exceed 2:1, system pressure changes gradually and line length is relatively short
  • Increased fluid velocity creates low-pressure zone, causing additional fluid to be drawn from tank into main circuit   
  • Pressure increase after injector enables pump to operate at speeds higher than self-priming speed
  • Additional bleed-off nozzle diverts approximately 10% of main flow through cartridge filter before being directed to tank
  • Features no moving/wearing parts 
  • Installs either directly to oil reservoir or connects separately with piping or hoses
  • Two models available, BLA 4 in four sizes with maximum recommended flow of 10, 16, 26 and 42 gal/min., while BLA 6 is available in 66, 92 and 105 gal/min. sizes


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