TA90-7600 and TA90-7601 Transmissions

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Twin Disc announces the TA90-7601 transmission specifically designed to meet the heavy-duty demands of driving triplex and quintuplex piston pumps for high pressure oil and gas well stimulation while matching the life of the diesel engines that power the rigs.

  • Maximum gross input power rating up to 1,939 kW (2,600 hp) at 1,900 rpm
  • Does not require throttle dipping for any of the range to range shifts; designed to be power shifted under all loaded or unloaded situations
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum housings to reduce overall vehicle weight
  • Does not require torque converter
  • Compact size enables it to fit between frame rails of mobile equipment
  • Overall length of 1,851 mm (72.9 in.)
  • Small, evenly spaced gear ratio steps ensure well pressure does not drop during gear shifts
  • Simple plumbing eases installation
  • Two live PTOs rated 149 kW
  • Highly flexible coupling reduces damaging effects of torsional excitations by the engine and piston pump
  • Internal brake capability to hold the output shaft when not pumping
  • Oil fill port accessible from ground; sight glass in same location
  • Remote mount filters with electronic bypass indicators 


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