Kenworth Class 8 and medium-duty trucks now available with Allison FuelSense transmission package

New Kenworth Class 8 and medium-duty trucks featuring Allison Highway Series and Rugged Duty Series automatic transmissions will now be available with Allison's FuelSense package.

Kenworth has introduced Allison's FuelSense packages for new Kenworth Class 8 and medium-duty trucks specified with Allison Highway Series and Rugged Duty Series automatic transmissions.

Allison's FuelSense delivers a unique package of software and electronic controls that target critical components of a truck's duty cycle to help enhance fuel savings. FuelSense incorporates features that automatically adapt shift schedules and torque, maximizing transmission efficiency based on load, grade and duty cycle, while maintaining superior performance.
"The addition of Allison's FuelSense to Kenworth's product offering gives our new truck customers another opportunity to increase fuel efficiency and save money," says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth Marketing Director.
FuelSense is available in three packages, each featuring Allison's new 5th Generation Electronic Controls. The controls are designed to improve fuel economy. The base package includes EcoCal and Dynamic Shift Sensing. EcoCal works to lower engine speed. Dynamic Shift Sensing automatically selects between EcoCal and a higher shift speed schedule based on the truck's load and grade on which it is operating.

In addition to those features, the FuelSense Plus package adds Neutral at Stop, which eliminates load on the engine when the vehicle is stopped to help reduce non-productive fuel consumption. For top fuel efficiency, the FuelSense Max package adds Acceleration Rate Management. That management feature automatically controls the engine torque and is available in base, high and ultra economy options.

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