Allison Transmission to Provide X1100 Transmissions to U.S. Army Through 2021

The contract awarded to Allison Transmission will support the sustainment of the Army’s Abrams Main Battle Tank fleet.

X1100 Left Face High
Allison Primary Color Jpeg

The U.S. Army selected Allison Transmission to provide the X1100-3B1 propulsion solution for the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank. The contract, valued at approximately $162M, includes transmission production, upgrades, sustainment kits and service support. Deliveries began in March 2020 and will continue through December 2021.

“Our support for the Army’s armored formations spans five decades,” says Dana Pittard, Vice President for Defense Programs at Allison Transmission. “This contract demonstrates that Allison’s long-term relationship with the Army is built on trust, partnership and a mutual commitment to the Abrams fleet.”

The X1100 cross-drive transmission is geared for heavy-tracked combat vehicles weighing 50 tons to more than 70 tons. Allison began producing the X1100 in 1979. Since then, the Abrams tank has been the cornerstone of American armored brigades. This contract supports the Army’s efforts to upgrade the Abrams tanks to the M1A2 SEP v3 configuration. Enhancements and upgrades to this battle-tested design will support the Army’s needs for decades to come.

Allison will complete all work at the Global Headquarters and manufacturing center in Indianapolis. “Our team of hundreds of dedicated men and women from the UAW Local 933 demonstrate a commitment to excellence daily,” says Pittard. “Many are veterans or have relatives who serve, and recognize the privilege and responsibility of providing quality products to our nation’s military.”

Allison’s commitment to product improvements, coupled with technical expertise and a skilled workforce, provides the military with powertrain solutions that assure mission success. Allison engineers work side-by-side with the Army Program Office to provide the technological edge, sustained performance and reliability to defeat the most advanced adversaries.