Dana 8- to 9-Tonne Industrial Lift Truck Drivetrains

Dana's updated drivetrain system accommodates larger material handling vehicles.

Dana Bauma2010 8 9tonne Indust 10983134

Dana's IC-powered drivetrain system for eight- to nine-tonne (nine- to 10-ton) industrial lift trucks features a Spicer TE-08 powershift transmission, Spicer Model 139 axle, and a Spicer Wing Series Model 6C driveshaft. This solution accommodates larger-sized material handling vehicles and builds on the popularity of the drivetrain system designed for five- to seven-tonne (six- to eight-ton) industrial lift trucks.

Spicer Model 139 Axle 

  • Handles high load capacities while offering durability, reliability and ease of maintenance 
  • Integral frame and mast mounting provisions for fixed-mast lift truck applications
  • Spiral bevel center section and 6-to-1 planetary ratio generate 13-to-1 through 17-to-1 overall axle ratios
  • Planetary design allows for small ring gear, enabling engineers to locate mast as close to axle’s center line as possible for optimum geometry in load carrying and lifting
  • Integrated outboard wet-disc brakes simplify service and maintenance
  • Fully enclosed design keeps brakes sealed from water and dirt to reduce wear and minimize noise
  • Self-adjusting service brake system minimizes hydraulic actuation oil displacement requirements


Spicer TE-08 Transmission

  • Single-pedal drive technology allows active speed decrease by lifting foot off accelerator pedal, which engages clutches in the transmission 
  • Brake-by-clutch system simplifies vehicle operation and reduces operator fatigue by enabling acceleration and deceleration through the use of a single pedal
  • Rated at 55 to 82 kW (75 to 110 horsepower)
  • Conventional electric valve features hydraulic modulation or fully electronically modulated clutch control using proportional solenoids
  • Full electronic modulation and controllers enable complete range of controls: safety inhibits, diagnostics, system monitoring, load- and speed- compensated automatic shifting, shift overlap control, electronic inching, and automatic throttle up
  • Offers three forward and two reverse speeds, and it is also
  • Available as a two-speed forward system
  • Features reduced transmission length and output drop, helical gears for noise reduction, and integral engine pump drive to power the system hydraulics


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