Dana 17.5-Tonne Wheeled Excavator Drivetrain System

Dana designs a drivetrain system for 17.5-tonne wheeled excavators.

Dana Bauma2010 175tonnewheeled 10251423

Engineered for 17.5-tonne (19-ton) wheeled excavators, this Dana drivetrain system is composed of a Spicer Model 263 planetary steering axle, a Spicer Model 163 planetary rigid axle with a directly flanged Spicer Model 369 shift-on-fly hydrostatic transmission, and a Spicer Life Series Model SPL55 driveshaft.

Spicer Model 369 Shift-on-Fly Hydrostatic Transmission

  • Enhances mobility, comfort, and ease of use
  • Allows quick shifting from low to high range while moving
  • Enables seamless operation from reverse, full stop, and forward up to speeds of 40 km/h (25 mph) 
  • Accommodates a single motor, providing a 700 Nm continuous input torque and a maximum input of 4500 RPM
  • Offers wide combination of ratios with a deepest first gear ratio of 4.53:1  
  • Compact layout with a 151 mm drop
  • Enables remote-mounting as well as vertically or horizontally flanged to the axle

Spicer Model 163 and Spicer Model 263 Axles

  • Features 30,000 daN (static) and 11,500 daN (dynamic) load capacity
  • Hydraulic-applied, outboard wet disc service brakes located in wheel hub minimize vehicle rocking while digging without deploying outriggers
  • Available with optional spring-applied hydraulically released (SAHR) park brake which reduces number of parts and eliminates need for separate external park brake
  • Maximum output of 52,960 N-m (39,061 lb-ft)  
  • Offers a spiral bevel gear as well as DIN, SAE, and mechanics input flange options
  • Model 263 planetary steering axle provides integrated steering cylinder with a 35-degree maximum steering angle and a 6-to-1 planetary final drive ratio
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