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BULLDOG Jacks, Winches, Couplers, & Custom-engineered Parts

The Tough & Trusted Brand Chosen most by OEMs

The BULLDOG brand includes a strong line-up of jacks, couplers, gooseneck couplers, hitch balls, landing gear, telescoping surveillance and lighting masks, and accessories renowned for their ability to perform reliably over time. BULLDOG is a major source of these products for OEMs, providing product development, prototyping, and testing for everything from small customized parts to complete equipment.

BULLDOG’s nearly 100-year history includes an important presence at the very invention of the trailer and camping industry. Early BULLDOG products were featured at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago.

Today, BULLDOG serves both the consumer and OEM market as the choice of America’s manufacturing and military OEMs. Using BULLDOG for critical parts on OEM equipment protects the manufacturer’s reputation and those who rely on their operation. The reasons why are simple. BULLDOG Products are:

·         TOUGH, built to stand up to unforgiving terrain, harsh use, and abuse

·         STRONG, made with high-performance materials using robust designs to exceed industry strength standards

·         RUGGED, designed to be weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, salt-resistant, and dirt-resistant

·         RELIABLE, backed by industry-leading warranties and proven by generations of performance in the field

·         VERSATILE, supported by product development and testing experts, available in a wide variety of base models with customization solutions and prototyping and testing capabilities


As part of the Cequent family of superior towing and trailer brands, BULLDOG delivers uncompromising strength. The brand is favored by consumers and manufacturers who depend on their equipment when the stakes are highest. 

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