Action Bearing

Boston, MA 02134

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201 Brighton Ave.
Boston, MA 02134
United States
Toll Free:800-225-4587

In a proud tradition, the same families that started the company in 1957 keep Action Bearing rolling by specializing in bearings for OEM and MRO markets across the country. Action Bearing has a staff of 22 and a 23,000 square foot facility to provide bearings ranging in size from 3 mm to tunnel-boring 15-foot-diameter giants. 

Action Bearing offers customers a one-stop shopping experience. With an online product catalog with over 3 million bearings; a vast inventory of bearings; worldwide sourcing; a fixed price program; a knowledgeable staff dedicated to delivering; same day shipping and 24/7 service, Action Bearing has become the leading provider of bearings to OEM and MRO markets in the U.S.

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