New Case IH technologies earn Gold and Silver Honors in Global Innovation Competition

Two Case technologies in development won prestigious SIMA Innovation Awards.

Two Case IH technologies in development, the vehicle-to-vehicle control system (V2V) and the continuously variable transmission (CVT) PTO recently won prestigious SIMA Innovation Awards. These awards recognize the most innovative agricultural equipment, products, techniques, and services from throughout the world. The Case IH V2V control system took home gold medal honors, while its CVT PTO for tractors received a silver medal.

Both the V2V control system and CVT PTO technology were derived from Case IH's Customer Driven Product Design (CDPD) process where customers work directly with design engineers to develop, improve, and innovateCase IH equipment. The CDPD process is the first and most critical step in the Case IH Global Product Design Process, and is responsible for numerous Case IH product features and innovations designed to keep farmers moving, comfortable, and in the field longer.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Control System - Gold Medal

Case IH's V2V control system is a revolutionary technological application of its Advanced Farming System (AFS), and is the first of its kind in the agriculture industry worldwide. Using a wireless connection, such as Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth device, the V2V control system allows one driver to synchronize the data exchange, traveling speed, and steering of two working vehicles. For example, during harvesting, the driver of a combine can also control the movement of the tractor and grain cart to maintain consistent, on-the-go unloading. "Global demand for commodities is at an all-time high and farmers need every leg-up they can get to ensure efficient throughput. The V2V control system offers precise vehicle alignment, which minimizes grain loss and eliminates the risk of tractor and combine collisions in the field," says Gerry Salzman, senior director Case IH global product marketing and harvesting.

CVT PTO for Tractors - Silver Medal

The Case IH CVT PTO technology harnesses a tractor's powertrain and control technologies to improve productivity, comfort, and cost effectiveness. This innovative technology allows an infinite number of power take-off speeds so that PTO speed can be continuously adjusted to match the current operation conditions - and controlled at lower engine speeds - without disengaging the power take-off system. This leads to significant fuel savings and ensures a secure connection between the tractor and equipment during slow-speed starting or emergency stops. It is equipped to work with the Auto Productivity Management (APM) system, which allows the operator to select the desired ground speed based on the specific application. APM automatically adjusts to ensure the best possible balance of maximized performance and fuel efficiency. "In less demanding tasks, the farmer can operate in the 1000E PTO mode at 1,700 RPM, yet still has the option to switch to the 1000-speed at 1,900 RPM PTO for heavier crop conditions," explains Nate Weinkauf, Case IH global product marketing manager for tractors.

The APM system maintains the desired ground speed, similar to cruise control on a car, and stores up to three different pre-set target ground speeds. It allows quick and easy transition from field to road, customized to an individual producer's specific operations.

"The fuel savings offered through this new technology will be a huge bonus for farmers, as it helps them manage one of the most critical input costs for tractor operation," Weinkauf says. "This technology is a part of the Case IHEfficientPower system, which combines the benefits of various technologies - especially in the tractor's powertrain and control system - to improve productivity and comfort, significantly increasing cost effectiveness as a result."