Bendix Makes SmarTire More Affordable

Bendix is lowering the price of its SmarTire TPMS to make the kits more accessible to fleets and owner-operators.

SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) by Bendix CVS, available for the aftermarket through the broad network of Bendix OES and independent aftermarket distribution channel partners across North America, is more affordable than ever before, providing a significant ROI to fleets.

Bendix announced that SmarTire TPMS kits will be discounted by approximately 13% compared with year-end 2010 prices beginning May 1, 2011. The price reduction ensures increased affordability to fleets and owner-operators – especially in light of recently announced increases in tire prices.

“Tires continue to be a major expense for fleets in terms of maintenance and downtime, and now just initial cost,” says Fred Andersky, Bendix director of marketing – Controls. “Due to increased volumes, Bendix is able to reduce the price of the SmarTire kit in order to make it more affordable to fleets and owner-operators, who have experienced unprecedented major economic pressures during the recent recession.”

SmarTire TPMS is also the only tire pressure monitoring system available at commercial vehicle OEMs including International, Volvo, and Paccar. This OE system uses the same components found in the SmarTire aftermarket kits, so fleets who buy new vehicles with the system can retrofit their existing vehicles with practically the same system.

“Properly inflated tires contribute to the overall safety of the driver, truck, and motorists on the highway,” Andersky says. “We’re pleased that OEMs like International, Volvo, and now Paccar, recognize that properly inflated tires will positively contribute to the bottom line of fleets and owner-operators.”

The SmarTire technology monitors the pressure and temperature of each tire on a commercial vehicle to provide real-time tire status information to the driver or maintenance technician. The technology is designed to warn the driver of tire-related problems, such as low pressure and high temperatures, before they become dangerous. The system reads pressure and temperature information from inside the tire and communicates wirelessly to an on-board receiver. 

A vehicle dash display provides information including tire pressure, tire temperature, and temperature-compensated tire pressure deviation. Alerts include low tire pressure and excessive tire temperature. Temperature compensation is a unique feature of the Bendix SmarTire TPMS technology where drivers get accurate pressure information whether they’re just leaving the facility or have travelled hundreds of miles.

SmarTire alerts the driver to loss of air pressure or high tire temperature and provides pressure information to maintenance personnel. Keeping commercial vehicle tires at proper inflation levels can deliver fuel savings, as well as reduce tire wear and help ensure the proper performance of active safety technologies like Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program and Bendix Wingman Advanced when needed.

SmarTire TPMS is sold to the aftermarket as a complete kit, including sensors, antennae, receiver, wiring, display, and instructions. The complete kit provides easy and economical retrofitting of the system for almost any commercial vehicle application.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), “Properly maintained and performing tires aid drivers in preventing and mitigating crash situations. Maintaining inflated tires keeps trucks moving, improving fuel mileage, tire life, and tread life.”