New Tread Pattern For Trelleborg Twin Radial Tires

Trelleborg introduces a tread pattern design that gives its Twin Radial tires a 15% wider footprint area.

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Trelleborg Wheel Systems implements the tread design of the 710/50R26.5 Twin Radial to its 750/60R30.5 and 650/65R30.5. The new tread design enhances flotation, increases respect of the soil, protects driver’s health by lowering noise and contributes to lower overall operating costs for the farmer.

The new tread design of Twin Radial guarantees a 15% wider footprint area compared to the previous version. Moreover, the tire has two additional lugs and a longer central block offering an increased contact area to the ground. Tests carried out on this new tread pattern for both tire noise and pass-by noise demonstrated a significantly lower noise level of Trelleborg tires versus competitors’ tires both at 25 and 30 miles per hour.

In addition to that the new tread pattern presents a 14% deeper lug, which provides longer tire life, contributing to lower operating costs.

The Trelleborg Twin Radial range comprises ten sizes of high quality radial tires for trailers that are ideal in all working conditions. The range’s main benefits are high load and speed capacity, outstanding driver comfort, even wear, excellent self-cleaning, reduced fuel consumption and unrivalled ground care.