Hendrickson Pledges More Support For U.S. Troops

Hendrickson is teaming up with Operation Support Our Troops to further show its appreciation for U.S. military personnel.

For over 40 years, Hendrickson has designed and built high mobility suspension systems and components for military vehicles. Today, Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems continues this tradition by announcing a new initiative that shows its appreciation for the unsung heroes and personnel who operate military vehicles overseas by teaming up with Operation Support Our Troops – America, Inc. (OSOT America). 

“Participating in the OSOT America program is an excellent way to show how proud we are of the brave men and women in the United States military who are risking their lives daily promoting freedom and safety around the world,” says Doug Sanford, vice president and general manager of Hendrickson’s Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems.

OSOTA’s main focus is to supply comfort and education to America’s troops and families while they are either at home or deployed out of the country. This mission is first met by sending care packages and personal letters to the troops deployed overseas, and second, by supporting other military programs that help wounded service members, families, veterans, and spreading awareness to the community. Deborah Rickert, president of OSOT America states “The commitment Hendrickson has to our troops in the field is evident with the products they put so much care into. Coming on board as a premier Rockin’ for the Troops Concert sponsor shows their added dedication to families and veterans here on the home front.” To date, OSOT America has donated over 375 tons of packages to troops overseas. For more information or to follow this organization in action, please visit www.osotamerica.org.