Bonfiglioli Introducing Several New Products for Road Construction Machines at bauma

During bauma 2013, Bonfiglioli will introduce a number of new products for use in road construction machinery.

605Y for pneumatic tires
605Y for pneumatic tires
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The road construction machine sector has always been an attractive market for Bonfiglioli and the company has done its best to offer advanced solutions to satisfy the needs of leading international players.

Stefano Baldi, Worldwide Sales Manager at Bonfiglioli Trasmital explains, “The road construction machinery market is one on which we have done very well over the years. Thanks to reliable products, an innovative offering and high performance solutions we have been able to acquire a well-established and strong position of leadership. This has encouraged us to develop even better solutions that meet the needs of our main customers even more closely.”

Bonfiglioli has clearly taken up the challenge and will be at this year’s bauma exhibition with a number of important new products for road construction machines.

Milling drive for asphalt milling machines – Bonfiglioli is already an established supplier of travel drives for asphalt milling machines. There are, however, other applications that can benefit from Bonfiglioli’s advanced technology and vast experience in this field. One such application is certainly the milling head drive system. Bonfiglioli is now introducing a two-stage gearmotor with reinforced bearings on the integrated pulley mounting shaft.

The technical specifications for this new solution include an integrated lubrication system that eliminates the conventional system installed in the milling head and maximizes lubrication efficiency. There is also an offset input system (an offset pre-stage) to permit greater milling depths and faster tool changes.

This new Bonfiglioli solution is designed for use on asphalt millers of 14.5 to 35 tons in weight and 200 to 460 kW in power. The new drives can support milling speeds of 4 to 6 m/sec and permit milling widths of 1 to 2.5 m.

Two-speed travel drive gearbox for paving machines – In addition to its offering of conventional, single speed gearboxes, for a few years now, Bonfiglioli has been producing drives (in sizes 606 to 610) with a gearshift that offers a choice of two travel speeds. This series of drives has now been extended by the introduction of the new 611W2-3. Though it features an in-line architecture, this new gearbox is extremely compact. It offers a “low reduction ratio” drive for high speed machine transfers and a “high reduction ratio” drive for high torque and traction at the ultra-slow travel speeds needed for asphalt laying.

The new gearbox represents the perfect solution for machines of 16 tons empty weight with transfer speeds of over 20 km/h and up to 190 kW in installed power.

Extended range of products for pneumatic tyre compactors – Bonfiglioli has acquired a vast, focused experience in drives for pneumatic tire compactors. Bonfiglioli’s 600Y Series is ideal for use on the rear wheels of these machines and has already attracted a great deal of interest from machine manufacturers for its innovative characteristics. The solution features two final drives, each of which drives two wheels. This design greatly reduces maintenance, improves access, optimizes the layout of the hydraulic system, and increases the safety and reliability of the machine. At this year’s bauma exhibition, Bonfiglioli Trasmital will be presenting the latest size in the series, the new 605Y, to complement the existing 606Y. The 605Y will extend applicability to machines of up to 16 tons.