Mitas receives supplier award from agricultural OEM Krone

Mitas recently received a best supplier award from German agricultural machinery manufacturer Krone.

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The leading German producer of agricultural machinery, Krone, awarded tire manufacturer Mitas as the best supplier in the segment “delivery of tires.” The ceremonial event was held in Spelle, Germany, on September 18.

“Mitas won the award in a strong competition of six major tire manufacturers,” says Gerhard Schulterobben, Mitas’ German Sales Subsidiary Director. ”It is a great success for Mitas and recognition of the top-quality products and associated service we offer.”

Schulterobben received the award on behalf of Mitas from Bernard Krone, the General Director and Owner of Krone.

“Mitas focuses on agricultural tires,” says Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ Sales and Marketing Director. “We are proud that Krone, one of the major original equipment manufacturers, appreciates our close attention to detail and reliability.”

Mitas beat out strong competition amongst the premium tire manufacturers that were also short-listed for the delivery of tires award in the financial year of 2012/13. Krone has a distinguished reputation as a premium supplier in agricultural engineering and cooperates with more than 430 serial part suppliers.