Oerlikon promotes health and safety at facilities in India and Italy

As part of Health, Safety and Environment days, Oerlikon is educating its employees about health and safety best practices in the workplace, as well as initiating many safety programs.

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Oerlikon Drive Systems, with its two brands Oerlikon Fairfield and Oerlikon Graziano, worldwide provider of complete drive systems, gearing solutions and transmission components, has celebrated Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) days by taking the opportunity to educate and reward workers at its India and Italy-based premises. A series of initiatives have been designed to raise awareness of safety in the workplace, which are indicative of the culture of training and development that extends throughout the company.

“It is incredibly important to the Oerlikon group that its employees welcome Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) issues and activities,” says Paolo Ramadori, Chairman and CEO Oerlikon Graziano Group S.p.A., Head of Business Unit EMEAR Oerlikon Drive Systems. “Some employers see HSE as preventative red tape, but it should be a way of making a harmonious workplace that provides a rewarding and safe environment for employees. Because of this, HSE days are taken very seriously and provide an opportunity for not only highlighting areas that may require further development, but rewarding departments and individuals that achieve exceptional levels of safety and care.”
A wealth of initiatives have been implemented across Oerlikon Segment Drive Systems plants in India and Italy, as the company continues to provide ongoing training and development to ensure a unified working environment. A fire training course is just one of the crucial elements involved in a series of knowledge-transfer programs.
Raising awareness of HSE through extensive employee interaction, including skits, poster and slogan competitions, has been designed to increase the consideration of employees’ actions and potential impacts on other workers. Such activities are representative of the Oerlikon group’s unified approach to business and employee development. A blood donation scheme as part of National Safety Week this year attracted 86 participants in India: a country which can benefit immensely from such activities.
“Recognition of excellence, innovation and leadership in levels of safety is a crucial part of Oerlikon’s HSE activities,” continues Ramadori. “We want such recognition to inspire other employees to achieve exceptional results in what is becoming an increasingly vital area of business operation.”