Trelleborg adds new size to T418 forestry tire line

Trelleborg has added a fifth tire size to its T418 line of forestry tires designed for log skidding service.

Trelleborg T418 Forestry Skidder Applications Tire

Trelleborg presents a new size in its T418 line of forestry tires specifically designed for log skidding service. With maximum cut and tear resistance, the line provides longer tire life under the most severe operating conditions, incorporating steel armored plies to protect tire casings against stumps, boulders and rocks.

With release of the 30.5L-32 26 PR size in Trelleborg’s T418 range, five sizes are now available including 23.1-26 16PR – 28L26 20PR – 24.5-32 16PR – 30.5L32 20 and 26 PR. Continuing the development of the range, more will be added in the future.

Lars Eriksson, Product Manager Forestry Tires at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says, "We are investing heavily in developing our range of forestry tires, upgrading the load capacity of the existing range and are also introducing new products. Our focus is on maximum customer benefit in terms of the optimal balance between important tire properties, such as durability, service life and traction, with consistent ground care and comfort.

"Development of our product range is based largely on the continuous contact we have with customers and manufacturers. Trelleborg's strong customer focus requires investment in a global presence. This means that we can enjoy closer contact with our customers and can offer them complete solutions, with tires, rims and tubes adapted for forestry use.”

Together with the T418 line, designed for full tree operations, Trelleborg also offers the Twin Forestry T422 and T428 designed for CTL (Cut to Length) operations and the T410 Agro Forest, a strong R-1W bias line ideal for tractors used both in forestry and in difficult field conditions. In addition, Trelleborg offers forestry tire rims capable of coping with extreme working conditions and inner tubes specially developed for forestry use.